pre-registration for OGS

Please fill out the 

pre-registration for OGS



This pre-registration is not an automatic commitment for OGS / short-term place (Kurzzeitbetreuung).
The commitment for OGS / short-term place will be made from spring 2022, at the earliest after the allocation of school places took place.

For the allocation of places in some regions, we already ask for further information about you, your employer, possible siblings and their place of residence in the pre-registration. 

If you fill ot this pre-registration before the "days of registration" ("Tage der Anmeldung") at your school,
we would still be very happy to welcome you at the school and OGS on these days.
You can find the dates on the homepage of the respective OGS / school.

If you have problems filling out the form, please contact the educational management of your institution.